30 years +

As I mentally prepare for a short surf trip down the California central coast, a few things have occurred to me. One, this idea of wanting to do one blog post a day is ridiculous. I barely have time to use the toilet these days. Secondly, I am just now realizing I’ve been surfing over 30 years and I love it more than I ever have. Lastly, Teahupoo is a freakin beast of a wave. The board technology has gotten better and the balls have gotten bigger.



The Maldives Trip

Well, this turned out to be THE epic surf trip. The waves were insane the entire time. Myself, Tim Freeman and Lee Duff ended being the only three out of an original line up of about nine. The original plan was to celebrate Craig Kilby’s 40th bday, but he and the other five couldn’t make it for various reasons.

Long travel but epic waves, epic friends and fantastic food. The pics tell more so watch the below slideshow.